Blending sportsmanship with citizenship and athleticism, the World Games Tournament (WGT) seeks to create a competitive environment and festive atmosphere for participants and spectators alike, through Sports & Culture. The WGT works year-round to promote positive core values through the use of sport.


The WGT is led by an experienced Committee and guided by a strict Code of Conduct. The WGT encompasses sports, e-sports, sports organizations, athletes, and sponsors.


The goal of the WGT is to provide an enjoyable experience in accordance with the WGT's core values, including good governance and ethical principles.


The WGT's priority is the quality of the experience. The strategy employed to maintain a high level of competition and game integrity is the willingness to allow arbitration to govern the rule of gameplay. Based on a zero-tolerance policy for profanity and unsportsmanlike conduct, with the aim of ensuring that only "fair play" is allowed.

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